Work-in-progress at Fjaler Teaterfestival 17th of September 2017
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Work-in-progress at Fjaler Teaterfestival 17th of September 2017

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By the dam in the valley about 10 km from the municipality of Fjaler there will be nightly excavations. Who are these people who dig? What are they looking for? Do they find anything?

O: What I think is amazing, is that this is found almost just below the surface. And why at this particular place, and not where the goats are wandering? What drives you?

Y: Well, history don´t go deep enough for me. -So I want to look deep back, but also forward in time, and figure out what really makes us human. We are a very unique species, and I want to find the root of all this, what is the basis for the processes.


During Fjaler Theatre Festival, on the west coast of Norway, we will begin our next multi-year project with a work-in-progress. The project will also be shown as a process viewing at the Oslo International Theater Festival at Black Box teater in Oslo (8-17 March 2018). More information and dates will come soon!

Contributors: Kari Holtan, Anne Holtan, Torbjørn Davidsen, Boya Bøckman, Jonas Hestvik Dahl, Marius Kolbenstvedt, Pelle Ask, Nils with skills -Nils Bjelland Grøndahl, Zett Davidsen, Eirik Raude, John Birger Wormdahl and Morten Kippe. The project is supported by the Norwegian Arts Council and co-produced by Black Box teater, Oslo.