Skuggar til Hong Kong Arts Festival 2017
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Skuggar til Hong Kong Arts Festival 2017

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“Skuggar” er invitert til Hong Kong Arts Festival i Kina 1. og 2.mars 2017. “Skuggar” har siden premieren i 2009 turnert verden rundt. Vi er stolte av å få muligheten til å vise denne for et helt nytt publikum. Hong Kong Arts Festival skriver følgende om forestillingen:

“Jon Fosse has been hailed as Norway’s new Ibsen. As well as writing for theatre his literary output includes novels, short stories, poetry and essays. With more than a thousand productions of his stage work, he is Europe’s most produced contemporary playwright. His multi-award winning work has been translated into more than forty languages and he was featured in the Daily Telegraph’s list of the “World’s Top 100 Living Geniuses”.

In Shadows the drama unfolds in an abstract landscape, in strong contrast to the dynamic text. Its characters are related through marriage, parenting and infidelity, their buried emotional memories surfacing as sensual experiences.

The staging is extraordinary. Fosse’s text is delivered via video projection by children who almost seem to be emerging from cocoons. As they talk about their lives, four elderly performers move around the stage in silence.

The bold, original and visionary production combines comedy and tragedy, and the effect is unforgettable.”

For mer informasjon les under forestillinger:

Link til Hong Kong Arts Festival: