The Dream – 2010
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The Dream – 2010

About This Project

The action takes place in Ella’s idyllic summer house by the sea. Ella is an aging lady who has started a close friendship with the much younger man Torbjørn, who lives in a caravan on a overgrown tennis court in the neighborhood. They have many interests in common and enjoy each other’s company, even though both probably recognize the other’s hidden motives. Tactfulness leads them into the labyrinth of double communication.


Excerpts: “Hahaha. The dream was like … and I have been thinking of this for ten years or something like that, like having a house of my own, and have trees that the rain can fall on, and be sunny on, and snow … that could be a tiny world within itself, where it becomes night … and where it becomes morning, and where there are birds and stuff. In a way this would be like owning the nature and the view … and rooms where I can have my books and a kitchen where I can make my food and stuff ….. huh?”


With the performance The dream, De Utvalgte continues to explore their own form of documentary theater and aesthetics. As in the performances Bang-Bang Club and Jimmy Young the distinction between fiction and reality through a multi-media expressions is blurred.



– Aesthetically De Utvalgte exceed most of Norwegian theater: But they make our aesthetic values go straight to the windpipe.
Therese Bjørneboe

– Let alone Boya Bøckman’s amazing video projections make “The Dream” challenging and unsettling theater.
IdaLou Larsen

– With its performance “The Dream”, De Utvalgte address a trend that has already for a long time characterized film, literature, and the visual arts; longing for authenticity. The need to be authentic. Or at least: pretend that it is. The production’s strength lies however not in the game of fiction and fact, but in the authentic meeting between artists who are not pretending.
Kari Saanum

– The Dream lived up to many of the criteria that were the basis for the price. It is a performance of high artistic quality that emanates from a Norwegian reality with an original text and with profound actor achievements, as well as an obsessive use of modern technology seamlessly integrated.
Thea Stabell
Torshovteatrets Venner 2010

Direction/set design

Kari Holtan

Video/lighting design

Boya Bøckman


Anne Holtan


John Birger Wormdahl


Jørgen Langhelle (Rettspsykiater)
Kari Onstad Winge (Ella)
Tor Erling Staff (Rettspsykiater)
Torbjørn Davidsen (Torbjørn)


Carle Lange - Konsulent scenografi
Tage Marius Kolbenstvedt - Konsulent
Martin Aaserud - Annet


The Torshov Theatres Prize 2010
Boya Bøckman nominated to the Hedda Award 2010 for special artistic achievement

Founded by

Norsk kulturråd
Fond for lyd og bilde