The Ship vol.5 – Short cuts – 2018
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The Ship vol.5 – Short cuts – 2018

About This Project

De Utvalgte presents «The Ship – Vol.5 Short cuts” as part of the Ultima Contemporary Music Festival 2018. The group´s ongoing site specific serie, The Ship, has landed at Malérgues in France, a forrest on the coast of Western Norway, a housing block in Nuuk, – Greenland, Black Box teater in Oslo, and Terschelling in the Netherlands.
Now the journey continues at Nesodden´s respons to the Grand Canyon – a remote cliff edge and a scar in the landscape. With Hubris as a turning point, – a crew of musicians, actors and performers travels through fragments of reality and myths.

The ship can represent new lands and the quest for survival.

For more information about tickets, how to get there etc.:


The press says:

In a quarry at Nesodden, De Utvalgte set lights against the mountain wall and ask what it’s like to be human. They surpass themselves on the visual of this production, and this is magnificent to witness under the stars.

Rarely have I seen theater in more spectacular surroundings. It is well done to fill a quarry with so much meaning.
– Frøydis Århus, 18.09.18 (link only in Norwegian)

This is what it would look like if David Lynch made a “spel” (a Norwegian, traditional, outdoor performance, often based on historical events)”
– Julie Rongved Amunden, Klassekampen 17.09.18

It’s demanding to catch in words how a performance by De Utvalgte is experienced, with this complex mix of acting, non-acting, words, music, magnificent video projections and the venue itself, all this has such a great emotional effect. Everything hits you straight in the chest, the head strives to keep up. When I try to write a description of “The Ship” I´m spinning around several adjectives: It’s both calculated and improvised, hypersmart and heartwarming, brutal and sensitive, dark and humorous, overwhelming and close at the same time.
– Hedda Fredly, Norsk Shakespeare Tidsskrift 21.09.18

Here´s the full review in Norsk Shakespeare Tidsskrift (only in Norwegian):


By and with

Kari Holtan, Eirik Raude, Juliana Venter, Jonas Hestvik Dahl, Jon Platou Selvig, Nils Bjelland Grønvold, Boya Bøckman, Anne Holtan, Morten Kippe, Ida Holthe Lid, Helle Bendixen, Torbjørn Davidsen, Zett Davidsen, Pelle Ask, Marius Kolbenstvedt, Tommy Olsson, Nils Bjelland Grønvold, Eva Berit Bøe Moen, Hans Wedvik, Kari Vik Knutsen, Stein Davidsen, Felipe Osorio-Guzmán, Gjøril Bjercke Sæther, Majed, Hamid, Safi, Saad, Hasib, Khial, Ali K, Elyas, Ibrahim and Billie.

Thanks to

Hydra MC Klubb, Nordstrand Vel, Eriks Bil Demontering AS, Stange-gruppen, Grenland Friteater, Kulturisten, Bente Westergaard/Hellviktangen Cafe, Lilja Arntzen, Terje Taur Risberg, Maya Liu Bøckman Vinje, Eirik Holtan Bøckman, Leo Holtan Bøckman og Isak Wisløf.

Co-produced by

Black Box teater og Ultima Contemporary Music Festival


The Hedda Award, 2019, to De Utvalgte for "Special Artistic Achievement"
The Hedda Award, 2019, to Boya Bøckman for "Visual Design"

Supported by

Arts Council Norway