The Ship vol.1 – Auka Røynd – 2017
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The Ship vol.1 – Auka Røynd – 2017

About This Project

Work-in-progress with De Utvalgte in the forest at Fredensborg!

During demolition at a distance of 10 km from the municipality of Fjaler, there will be nightly excavations. Who are these people digging? What are they looking for? Do they find anything?

O: What I think is amazing is that this is found almost just below the surface. And why at this particular place, and not where the goats are wandering? What drives you?
Y: Well, history did not go deep enough for me. -So, I would look deep backwards, but also on time, and figure out what really makes us human. We are a very unique species, and I want to find the root of all this, the basis for the processes.

During the Theater Festival in Fjaller, we started our next year-long project with the development and display of one work-in-progress.

Direction / Musician

Kari Holtan

Lights and video-design

Boya Bøckman


Torbjørn Davidsen, Marius Kolbenstvedt, Pelle Ask, Nills med Skills / Nils Bjelland Grøndahl og Zett Davidsen

Musician / Percussion

Eirik Raude

Musician / Audio

Jonas Hestvik Dahl


John Birger Wormdahl


Anne Holtan


Morten Kippe


Black Box teater og BIT - Teatergarasjen

Supported by

Arts Council Norway